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It's funny to think about what defines you, and how you represent yourself to others. I'm an avid traveller, with a love of paths less trodden. I enjoy capturing moments of emotion but don't always have my camera on hand. There are plenty of moments of great beauty that aren't captured and recorded for this site - they are my own, but do influence how I approach the world. I spend a lot of my travels picking up recipes and sampling flavours, a hook for delving back into the sights, sounds and smells of a trip. I love replicating those flavours back home in London. 


I use a Canon R6 (previously 760D) with a mix of prime and zoom lenses - nothing fancy, but it suits my travelling style. My backpack is an Atlas Athlete and it's invaluable on long hikes and through tough terrain. 

In other parts of my life, I'm a lawyer, innovator, behavioural scientist, and a facilitator specialising in complex situations. Someone for whom creativity is a just a way of working, And someone who loves to laugh. 

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