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Sunrise over Spitzkoppe
Spring in the Helambu Valley
Sunset in Bagan
From lush to barren, Morocco

nu perspectives

Travels with Nitish Upadhyaya
I've been lucky enough to wander the world, capturing my favourite moments on camera. Each of the photos on this site takes me back to the sights, sounds and smells that travelling brings, capturing in vivid detail the emotions of each amazing trip. These photos all have their own unique stories - from the people who have welcomed me into their culture and communities, to the sheer joy of capturing animals in the wild - and they are very much a part of my story, each serendipitous experience layered to form my world view.
I very much hope these little moments in time inspire you to travel, to take paths less trodden and revel in, and protect, the raw beauty of this incredible world.
- Nitish
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